Rembrandt Lighting Technique.

By Jonathan Calix

By Jonathan Calix

Senior Designer & Photographer

What is Rembrandt lighting?

Rembrandt lighting is one of the most loved lighting techniques among professional portrait photographer and cinematographers. This beautiful and dramatic lighting can be achieved by using one single light. One of the biggest appeals about this lighting technique is the simplicity and minimum equipment required.

The main characteristic of the Rembrandt technique is the illuminated triangle under the eye of the model on the less illuminated or darker side of the face. This triangle of light is also known as “Rembrandt Patch”.

Rembrandt’s technique is very dramatic and moody and can be used to give the subjects a strong, powerful and mysterious look. 

The name of this technique comes from the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt who was well known by using this lighting technique on many of his paintings in the 1600s. 

Slide left and right

EQUIPMENT UTILIZED - Behind the scenes

Final Image

- Rembrandt lighting with blue and orange gel.

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By Jonathan Calix

Senior Designer & Photographer

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