Fargo 2Night took the big awards home

The Fargo2night website is a custom-made WordPress theme. We decided to use a CMS for this project because of the complexity of the site. Also WordPress helps us to give access to every single customer that create a profile on our site. 

The website gives fully access to every member to customize their own profile, update their info, upload their menu, add photos and videos to their own profile. The CMS really makes things run smooth when you have individual profiles for a big amount of clients that want to make changes often on their profiles.

Jonathan Calix Responsive web design and development Jonathan Calix
Jonathan Calix Fargo 2night branding wins addy best of the show at the addys
Fargo 2night addy award winner jonathan calix best of the show
Jonathan Calix Receiving best of show award

AFF District 8 awards – Web Design Winner

Recent GCOM graduate Jonathan Calix recently received a Silver American Advertising Award (ADDY) for Best Website for the AAF District 8, which includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Back in February, Jonathan’s fictional brand Fargo2Night received awards including Best Catalog, Best Website and Best In Show for student work at the local Addy awards.

This month the website will be submitted for award consideration at the National level. He created the company website and branded materials for his GCOM Senior Final project in May 2016.

Advisor: Alex Fogarty

Resource: mnstate.edu

Jonathan Calix receiving district 8 award at the American Advertising Awards gala
Jonathan Calix ADDYS District 8 American advertising awards gala jonathan calix
Jonathan Calix American Advertising Best of Show Awards and District 8